About Digital Magnetics®

Digital Magnetics® is one of the largest European based suppliers of Flexible, Printable Magnetic rolls and sheets. This brand is under the ownership of Sentec International, headquartered in the Netherlands, with a rich history of over 25 years of involvement in the printing industry.

Growth through innovation

Digital Magnetics® thrives on innovation. By offering a diverse portfolio compatible with various large-format print technologies and utilizing central European warehousing, we provide a swift, efficient, and cost-effective service tailored to our customers' specific requirements. In close partnership with our associates in China, we ensure unwavering high-quality and innovative solutions that consistently meet the expectations of our customer base.

Quality standards

We uphold one of the largest inventories of printable magnets in Europe, ensuring the timely fulfillment of demanding delivery schedules. Our in-house print & test lab meticulously evaluate and guarantee the quality and specifications of our printable materials.

All the materials we supply comply to REACH & RoHS standards, and they are VOC and Formaldehyde Free.

Our partnered factory holds ISO certifications (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015).

What sets us apart from other suppliers?

Digital Magnetics® stands out as the only brand in the market entirely dedicated to Printable Magnetic & Ferrous films.

We do not offer industrial magnets or other magnetic components.

This specialization distinguishes us from other suppliers in the marketplace, as we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of digital printing.

We work closely with leading industry printer manufacturers to continually develop our products for the latest inkjet technologies.

Digital Magnetics® is your go-to source for all your Printable Magnetic and Ferrous film needs.


Leading printer manufacturers we collaborate with

Our products are widely used in the Sign & Print market and compatible with multiple printer platforms. We work extensively with the leading industry printer manufacturers to constantly improve our products.