MagnePress™ - Printable Magnetic Paper Sheets

MagnePress™ is a pre-magnetized paper compatible with Offset, HP Indigo, and select Dry Toner printing systems. Sheets emerge from the printing press already magnetized, eliminating the need for post-print magnetization processes.

Compared to conventional magnets, MagnePress™  is notably lighter, resulting in cost savings for postage and transportation. This versatile material can be folded, die-cut, perforated, glued, stitched, and foil stamped, opening up a wide variety of application possibilities, including commercial printing, direct mail, photography, and gifting.


MagnePress™ serves a wide array of purposes, with its magnetized backing easily adhering to various surfaces. These surfaces encompass doors, partitions, desks, shelves, mailboxes, cooker hoods, refrigerators, cash registers, workout machines, lockers, cabinets, fuse boxes, garage doors, elevators, cabinets, forklifts, machinery, boilers, and water heaters.

Mailing and photo reproductions

The kitchen often acts as the central hub of a home, and the refrigerator frequently serves as a visual planning space where magnets secure coupons, takeout menus, postcards, business cards, contact lists, schedules, reminders, and photos.

Retail, business and leisure

MagnePress™ provides an ideal solution for effortless signage installation and quick updates. It's also well-suited for point-of-sale displays, store graphics, event promotions, menus, warning signs, instructions, and temporary signage.

  • Pre-magnetized
  • Total thickness: 0.33mm
    Coated art paper: 0.18mm, Magnetic sheet: 0.15mm
  • Weight: 770gsm
  • Magnetic strength: > 6 g/cm2
  • Sheet sizes: 320mm x 460mm, 330mm x 480mm
  • Surface finish: White
  • Back finish: Black, anti-rust

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