Frequently Asked Questions

1Can a self-adhesive magnetic or ferro base film be applied to any surface?
First check if the surface if it is fit for the intended purpose. The surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free of dust, dirt and grease. Some Latex paints may contain dirt repellent substances such as silicones which may affect the adhesive properties. Always carry out a test to check if the surface is suitable for this application.
2Can the magnetic base film be applied in any direction?
The magnetic holding force is strongest when the film is applied vertically.
3What is the direction of the magnetic field?
With magnetic tapes and sheets the direction of magnetisation changes every few millimetres, so the north and south poles are laid out in stripes and alternate in close sequence. This leads to an increased adhesive force at direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces. In magnetic tapes the magnetization runs parallel to the tape length.
4What type of adhesive on flexible magnetic films?
The adhesive is a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. When mounting the film to a surface first check the suitability, some surfaces such as polypropylene may not give sufficient adhesion. The adhesive need at least 48 hour to achieve maximum strength. It is also important to press the film firmly to the mounting surface during application to achieve a good bond. Ideal temperature for mounting the film is 15 -25 °Celsius
5Can flexible magnetic film be used outdoors?
Flexible magnets do not rust and can be used outdoors, however the magnetic material may get brittle under UV radiation. The adhesive may also deteriorate under hot and humid conditions. The material may have to be replaced from time to time.
6Can I use multiple layers of ferro film on a magnetic wall?
A single layer is recommended when a 400 micron magnetic base film has been used. Up to two layers is recommended when using a 500 micron magnetic base film. Two to three layers can be used on 700 micron magnetic base film.
7What is the best way to make large multi panel graphics?
The minimal thickness of Digital Magnetics ferro-coated films allows large mural to be overlapped by 1 – 2 cm making application of the panels easier. If a butt seam is desired the panels can be double cut, however be sure not to cut into the magnetic base film.
8What is the temperature range of a flexible magnet?
Magnetic tapes or films should not get hotter than 50 °Celsius and not colder than -20 °Celsius.
9Does the magnetic film loose strength over time?
No, the magnetic force is permanent if the correct temperature range is maintained and kept away from other strong magnetic fields.
10Do other strong magnetic fields have an influence on flexible magnetic films?
Strong magnetic fields may alter the polarity after time, it is advised not to store or use flexible magnets close to other strong magnetic fields.
11Can magnetic or ferro-coated films be laminated?
Yes, liquid laminates are recommended. Thin flexible vinyl (cast) laminates can be used but if not applied correctly may cause curl due to stress in the material.
12When should I laminate graphics?
Laminated graphics that are used in multiple times, in heavy traffic areas or exposed to the elements are more durable when laminated.
13Can magnetic or ferro-coated media be cut with a roll or flatbed cutter?
Ferro coated and magnetic media can be cut with a roll or flatbed cutter. Be sure to use a sharp blade and correct speed to avoid chipping. Laminating before cutting is recommended.
14Can material from other suppliers be used in combination with Digital Magnetics materials?
Digital Magnetics materials are designed to match each other perfectly. Material from other suppliers can be used with Digital Magnetics products although we cannot give a guarantee on the magnetic force.
15Can rolls of magnetic material be shipped via airfreight or carried on a plane?
The magnetic films are ferrite based and pose no safety or health issues, the magnetic field stays near the surface of the material and poses no problem.
16How do I store magnetic graphics and unused material?
Always store the material an a cool and dry place within the specified temperature limits away from strong magnetic fields. Store rolls vertically in the original packaging and sheets stacked on a flat surface. Never store the material with the magnetic sides touching each other. Do not place heavy objects on a stack of prints.