DM Plain Brown Flexible Magnet 400µ


Plain Brown Flexible Magnet 400µ is used to produce magnetic images that can be attached to iron and steel-based surfaces, it is available in a variety of thicknesses. The self-adhesive printed image with or without a protective laminate is mounted on top of this permanent magnetic sheet to produce the magnetic image. Plain Brown Flexible Magnet film can easily be folded and twisted without loosing its magnetic properties. Plain Brown Flexible Magnet is easy to cut with standard manual or automated tools to any shape.

DM Plain Brown Magnet is non-printable and requires lamination of printable media.


Surface: Brown, not for printing

Thickness: 400µ

Weight: 1350g/m2

Guaranteed magnetic force: ≥ 18 g/cm2

Magnetic force: 18 - 21 g/cm2

Stable and flexible magnetic base

Easy installation

Indoor & static outdoor use

Reduces life-cycle cost for signage