MagScience Super 400


MagScience Super400 is a new generation printable magnetic film, that is thinner and lighter, but with a stronger magnetic force than traditional PVC print magnets. MagScience Super films have a better roll flatness and allow smooth printer feeding and easier cutting. Besides, due to the lower weight, it offers many operational cost-saving advantages compared to traditional magnets. MagScience Super400 is an alternative magnetic film for traditional Magnetic PVC Film 600 μ.

Compatible with Latex, (Eco)Solvent, UV-cure inks and Screenprint


Matte surface

Weight: 1010g/m2

Thickness: 400μ film

Guaranteed magnetic force: ≥ 25 g/cm2

Magnetic force: 25-30 g/cm2

Flexible, stable magnet

Thin and light-weight magnetic film

Adheres to steel-based surfaces

Very good flatness

Allows smooth printer feeding and easy cutting

Reduces life-cycle cost for signage

VOC-free - A+



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