Vehicle signage

In seconds, you can transform your vehicle into a moving advertisement with Digital Magnetics® printable magnetic films. Any personal or fleet vehicle can quickly and easily be transformed into a mobile billboard in seconds. Simply apply the magnet to a clean, smooth surface.

Magnetic signs are a durable alternative to self-adhesive graphics applied to a vehicle. They can be easily removed when washing the vehicle, which means there is no risk of damaging your graphics with brushes, abrasives, or power washers when cleaning your vehicle. If you want to change or update the information on your vehicle simply take the magnet off and put another one on. When it's time to change a vehicle you won't lose your great looking advertising–simply move them to the new vehicle.

DM Magnetic PVC Film 850µ

MagScience Super600

What are the benefits of using printable magnetics on vehicles?

Turn every journey into a marketing triumph with Magnetic Vehicle Advertising! Unleash the power of mobility and watch your brand leave a lasting impression wherever the road takes you. Here are the unbeatable benefits:

Rolling Billboards That Command Attention: Transform your vehicles into eye-catching billboards on wheels! Magnetic advertising ensures your brand stands out on the road, capturing the attention of pedestrians and fellow commuters alike.

Mobile Marketing Magic: Take your brand wherever you go! Magnetic ads provide the flexibility to market your business in different locations, maximizing exposure and reaching diverse audiences effortlessly.

Cost-Effective and High Impact: Get big results without breaking the bank! Magnetic vehicle advertising offers a cost-effective solution with a high impact. Reach a wide audience without the ongoing expenses associated with traditional advertising methods.

Unmatched Versatility: Adapt your message to the moment! Whether it's a seasonal promotion, a special event, or a new product launch, magnetic ads allow you to update your vehicle graphics easily, keeping your messaging fresh and relevant.

Brand Consistency on the Move: Maintain a consistent brand image everywhere your vehicles travel. Magnetic ads provide a cohesive visual identity, reinforcing brand recognition and trust as your fleet moves seamlessly through different areas.

Quick and Temporary Branding Solutions: Need a temporary boost for an event or promotion? Magnetic vehicle advertising is your go-to solution. Easily apply and remove the magnets as needed without any damage to your vehicle's surface.

Easy Installation, No Hassle: No need for professional installation! Magnetic ads are easy to apply, ensuring a hassle-free process. Anyone can do it, making it a convenient option for businesses of all sizes.

Changeable and Reusable: Keep your advertising dynamic! Magnetic ads are not a one-time use. Swap them between vehicles or update them to align with your evolving marketing strategy. It's a versatile solution that grows with your brand.

Localized Targeting, Global Impact: Tailor your message to specific regions or events! Magnetic vehicle advertising allows for localized targeting, ensuring your brand connects with local communities while still making a global impact.

Memorable Impressions, Increased Business: Leave a lasting impression with every drive! Magnetic vehicle advertising generates memorable impressions, creating curiosity and interest that can lead to increased business and brand loyalty.

Ready to hit the road to success? Contact us today to explore the magnetic possibilities of vehicle advertising and drive your brand to new heights!